Fortitude – snow and ice and crazy






I like to watch Scandinavian films and TV in the Minnesota winter. It gives me a sense of shared suffering with another part of the world. Amazing how much is out there given the populations of some of these countries (especially Norway and Iceland) are small by US standards. My taste skews to the “snow noir.”

Fortitude is an unusual one, created by the BBC to ride the Scandinavian Noir bandwagon so I wasn’t sure it would be as good as some of the others like Occupied. With Stanley Tucci in the poster (Stanley Tucci?) it also felt like they were seeding it with some well known American actors (Dennis Quaid is in the second season) to give Americans a “friendly face” (like Raymond Burr in Godzilla).

It started slow, too, so I almost gave up on it. But now I’m seriously into it. It seems to be learning to go more “over the top” (in a good way) as it goes along. Diseases from unthawing mammoths, shamanic murders, suicide, love triangles … all in the tight space of an island community in the Arctic circle with apparently only one bar and one hotel so you never lose track of anyone fro very long.

Also, because it’s BBC it’s in English which at first I thought was also a negative in the sense of less authentic. But now I don’t care I just want to see what happens next.