Cute Eats Cute

C. B. Murphy’s first novel CUTE EATS CUTE is a Coenesque, darkly humorous journey through contemporary eco-politics. A Holden Caulfield investigates various subcultures of eco-politics, trying to save the deer (!) and be worthy of the love of his girl.

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End of Men

Murphy’s second novel, END OF MEN, riffs off John Fowles’ The Magus with a group of characters inhabiting high finance, outsider art galleries, and the eccentric world of “art films.”

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Dangers of the Road

While calling on Starbucks-drinking housewares buyers who goad him to recollect the Woodstock era for their amusement, a traveling salesman finds himself stranded in a rural Wisconsin blizzard. Imprisoned in a cheap motel equipped only with his sardonic take on the human comedy, Stan rooms next to a bizarre couple hailing from somewhere between Sunset Boulevard and The Geek in the Pulp Fiction basement.

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BardoZsaZsa_posterSketch1_font5The third novel BARDO ZSA ZSA (due out in 2017) is a Vonnegutian exploration of the Heaven’s Gate survivors once they arrive at their destination UFO. Here they become champions for the survival of the earth they left. Their tests involve inhabiting characters in 1950s classic science fiction movies and meeting Zsa Zsa as Queen of Outer Space.

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