Demons of Creativity: Sitting Down

The toughest thing about sitting down and saying “I’m going to be creative” is entering the proper mind-space. Is there a better word than mind-space? Maybe. But I think it’s more than attitude.

I work on the premise that we have inside of us a multitude of competing voices or personalities. I have gotten used to calling them my “board of directors” though a friend who dislikes the corporate feel of that, suggested “characters.”

I don’t know why we have “demons of creativity.” Perhaps they once served some evolutionary function by preventing the tribe from perishing from outlandish schemes. Like listening to the guy who says, “Hey, I think there’s a giant turtle in the middle of the ocean full of fruit and fish, let’s take the whole village out there and try to find it.”


Perhaps what I am calling the demons of creativity are left over from the practical need to relegate these kinds of ideas to “entertainment,” telling stories around the campfire. The birth of the shaman.

The character I call forth when I am sitting down to “be creative” has to be properly braced against “demonic attacks.” Picture a warrior in a video game standing alone on a hill while a fire-breathing dragon flies toward him.