Cute Eats Cute: in action!


My novel CUTE EATS CUTE is about the realization (through the eyes of a 15 year old protagonist, Sam) that no matter what philosophy you advocate, Nature still runs a pretty tough game plan.

So there I was at my favorite coffee shop in Stillwater, Minnesota, watching a cute family of baby Canada geese waddle through the parking lot. I watched them, wondering how they were going to cross the street and where they were going.


out of nowhere a red tailed hawk appeared and swooped down and grabbed a baby. The two parents watched for longer than I thought they might, honking.Unknown-4

Immediately three crows took after the hawk. They forced the hawk to land in an industrial pond area where I assume he ate the baby goose.


I excitedly told the two counter girls at Dunn Brothers Coffee what I had just seen but half way through my story I realized they were hoping for an heroic ending, a happy ending, a Disney ending and all I had to offer them was a Cute Eats Cute ending.