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Faces Series

Outlines of generic humans face float over various kinds of squirmy chaos.

Protest Wall Face 36” x 24”

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Curves Series

Representative of interlacing network of thoughts and perceptions. All is tubular.

Squishy Squashy 48” x 36"

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Sistine Comic Series

Where the Sistine Chapel’s heroic figures cross worlds with classic comic tropes involving various types of saving.

Winged Rescue 36 x 24”

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Mexican Pop Series

Where the embrace of supernaturalism does not contradict anything.

Snake Nado 18” x 24"

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Sci-Fi Series

Weathered posters from an imaginary intercultural world enjoying the classic sci-fi movies of the 1950s.

Alligator Teacher 24” x 18"

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Ghanaian Poster Series

Homages to the hand-painted poster makers of Ghana whose mission is to entertain without reservations of propriety.

Salmon Kite Snake Gold Alive 48” x 36"

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Two-Faced UFO Series

The archetype of the UFO intercedes and perhaps rescues hapless humanity from its various dilemmas of communication and reproduction.

Raelian Embryo Tree 24” x 18"

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