C.B. Murphy is a published novelist, award-winning painter, and maker of strange objects. His work is challenging, funny and contrarian.

A chapter of C. B. Murphy’s debut novel, Cute Eats Cute (2010), was published in Ellipsis Magazine as a short story entitled Free the Deer. In 2005, a chapter from Murphy’s second novel, End of Men, won first prize for fiction at the Southampton Writers Workshop. Bardo Zsa Zsa is a joint project with his son, filmmaker Nic Murphy.

Murphy’s pop surrealist paintings been exhibited widely, recently at Pop Surreal Salon V in Baton Rouge. His cartoon series (“CB Murphy”) appeared in the Chicago Reader alongside Matt Groenng and Lynda Barry. Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art selected January Is Alien Registration Month for their permanent Artists Books collection. Murphy’s illustrations—drawings, paintings, and digital photo collages—have appeared in many national magazines.

Murphy studied anthropology, literature, and filmmaking at the University of Michigan under the mentorship of Richard Grossinger (The Night Sky, 2014 and The Bardo of Waking Life, 2008). He also studied with Mark Wisniewski (Watch Me Go 2015), Ian Leask (The Wounded 2014) and Linda Lightsey Rice ( Southern Exposure 2002).

Murphy has had various business careers including selling industrial metals, product development consulting, and illustration. He has volunteered since 2007 as an art teacher at the Stillwater Correctional Facility in Minnesota.

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